Our Mission

Discover our higher purpose–to glorify God through the creation and promotion of original art, the facilitation of education outreach and the cultivation of ecumenical dialogue.

— Mission Statement of American Sacred Artists and of the American Academy of the Sacred Arts.

We, artists called to infuse our culture with the light of Christ, establish the American Academy of the Sacred Arts, the first of its kind, in Philadelphia, the cultural cradle of the United States. The Academy shall draw its resources and blessing from the universal Church.

We declare that the basic purpose of this Academy shall be to stimulate and sustain an environment wherein God’s presence and the complex acumen of human achievement can be fused into a contemplative posture of creature before Creator, and diffused through the cultural disciplines, especially the visual arts and dialogue.

We trust in the providence of God. Sustained by patrons of the arts, the original site shall serve the most neglected discipline, the visual arts, and, in due season, other disciplines shall be engaged at appropriate sites by artists competent in these fields.

Our Goals & Purpose:

  • Glorification of God
  • Patronage of the Virgin Mary
  • Encouragement and placement of artists as prophetic witnesses in accord with their function in the Mystical Body
  • Infusion of the light of Christ into the cultural environment
  • Support of artistic quality and spiritual insight, rather than quantity and shallow perception
  • Spiritual refinement of the faculties and senses
  • Integrity
  • Preservation of artistic treasures of the Church
  • Ecumenical dialogue

Baptized in Christ Jesus and nurtured in His Church, we look with anticipation toward the vision of glory wondrously veiled in our Creator’s handiwork and know the pure joy of emptying ourselves in the firmament to be filled with Christ!


Upcoming Events

Exhibition and Sale of the Works of Internationally Acclaimed Artist
Niko Chocheli

Saturday, Feb. 23, from 12:00 noon to 6:00 p.m.

Presentation by the artist at 2:00 p.m.
Admission is free, but space is limited.
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There has never been a greater need for sacred artists than the present era. Help support the work of AASA, serving sacred artists and patrons for the greater glory of God.

“Art is a vehicle for expressing the infinite beauty of God.”

- Sr. Paula